Farmcal Hen & Poultry Grit

Farmcal Hen & Poultry Grit

Feedstuffs Granulated Calcium Carbonate

  • Suitable for rearing poultry, replacement hens, turkeys and game birds
  • Feeding stuff calcium carbonate
  • Improves shell strength, bone development at peak lay, end of lay and stress conditions
  • Heat treated product
  • Ideal particle size for improved shell quality (1-4mm)
  • Available in 15Kg polythene bag
  • Organic certified
  • This is not a complete feed
  • Always maintain a clean, fresh water supply with balanced feed.


As free choice with balanced feed for laying hens during peak lay, 23 to 30 weeks of age, at end of lay 55 to 75 weeks of age and during stress periods where feed intake could be low due to heat stress.

Granular calcium carbonate can be offered as alternative to oyster shell grit offering the same characteristics as improving shell strength, reducing cracks. Bone development and body weight. Offering birds free choice along with its main diet, consumption could be as much as 5 grams per bird per day

Material Analysis

Calcuim Carbonate Granular
Calcium Level 39%
Very Low in ASH & Heavy Metal Content
Particle Size Analysis = 1-4mm

Feeding Rate % Calcium

Laying hens
Hens/stronger bones
Turkey/stronger bones

For healthier birds as needed