Farmcal Cubicle Lime

Farmcal Cubicle Lime

Farmcal cubicle lime has being designed to control odour and maintain conditions in farm and livestock buildings such as:

– Cubicles
– Piggeries
– Stables
– Lambing Boxes
– General Feed areas


Farmcal cubicle has many advantages

  • Finely ground for high surface area cover age and maximum absorption
  • Does not have any grit particles so does not settle out in base of tank and stays in suspension within the slurry
  • Added fertilizer value for soil applied in slurry
  • Neutralization of floor surfaces (inhabits against growth of pathogenic bacteria)

Directions On Use

  • Stir, agitate and aerate product before use
  • Directly apply as needed on to cubicles after cleaning (average 350g per cubicle)
  • Can be applied to bedding material giving greater fertilizer value for soil application
  • Store in a dry area and keep bags closed at all times
  • See material data sheet

Feed Grade Calcium is available in both 25Kg and 1000Kg Bags: