Quarrying started in the Cong area in the 1950’s due to the introduction of the subsidy for the haulage of Ground Limestone for agricultural purposes.

Michael McGrath snr, father of the current owners, purchased the quarry in the early 60’s from the Glynn family on an area of about 7 acres. The quarry has grown today to approximately 130 acres. Michael McGrath snr only produced Limestone from the quarry up until his sudden death in 1970 at the age of 49. Mary McGrath ran the business for a period of three years until Michael and John Joe took over its running which continues to this present day.

1995 saw the quarry exporting Weathered Limestone Rockery stone to mainland England where it is widely used by gardening centres and local authorities for landscaping purposes.

1998 once again saw the quarry expanding as McGraths purchased a Tar Macadam Manufacturing Plant. Production and contract laying of Tar Macadam is now a feature of McGraths Quarry Group.

The quarry has remained a family affair with four sons and one daughter of the late Michael McGrath snr and five grandchildren now working in the business.

The quarry still produces Ground Limestone and has continued to produce it for the last fifty years. It currently produces 500,000 tons annually with a range of 50 products.

The latest of which are now being produced under the name Farmcal as we introduce our new line of farming products.

McGraths Limestone Works from Tom Bowen.