Welcome to Farmcal


Farmcal offers a range of  agricultural hygiene products suitable for the control of odour and maintenance of sanitary conditions in farm and livestock buildings such as cubicles, piggeries, horse stables, lambing boxes and general feed areas.

Our Range of Products Include

  • Farmcal standard
  • Slurrycal
  • Slurrycal plus
  • Farmcal 10% blend
  • Farmcal 30% blend
  • Farmcal super
  • Farmcal super 10%
  • Farmcal hen and poultry grit
  • Farmcal feed grade

Advantages of Farmcal

  • Superfine for high surface area cover age and maximum absorption
  • Does not have any grit particles so does not settle out in base of tank and stays in suspension within the slurry
  • Added fertilizer value for soil applied in slurry
  • Neutralization of floor surfaces (inhabits against growth of pathogenic bacteria)
  • Aids in the prevention of Mastitis


Available Nationwide in your local co-op or merchant